Get 10 full weeks of direct group training with world class experts.
(without the high cost of traditional premium coaching)

Eliminate the single biggest advantage that big corporations have over small companies and online business owners.

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What's the single biggest advantage that huge corporations have over the rest of us?

It's not money.

Even though they have plenty of it...

It's not technology.

Even though they have entire teams dedicated to building out new tech...

It's something much more important than money or technology.

The single biggest advantage that huge corporations have over entrepreneurs, small business owners, and the rest of us is simple..

corporations have a board of advisors!!!

The biggest competitive edge that they have over us is access.

Corporations pay for access to highly knowledgeable, highly experienced (and highly successful) industry experts who can tell them what to do -- and how to do it.

Strong companies convince the best experts in their industry to guide their business decisions --  at any price.

Most advisory board members even receive equity for their counsel... 

Because these companies all know that their success is essentially built on the knowledge and experience of their advisors.   

Now, you can get that same advantage -- without the huge investment of time and money that comes with trying to recruit your own board of advisors.


The BELT 10-week virtual workshop
Think of the BELT 10-week VIRTUAL Workshop as your own advisory board...

BIG brands seem to have a magic power...

Consumers buy their products constantly without ever even realizing that they're being influenced.

That's because advisory boards know the RIGHT way to run sales and marketing.

The advisors have seen it all.

They've done it all.

And they've optimized it all...

Now, imagine if you had access to the same type of BIG brand marketing ideas from true industry leaders who've worked with the biggest companies in the world...

With the BELT 10-week virtual workshop, that's exactly what you get.

A round table of expert advisors ready to help you implement your very own BELT Marketing campaign.

What if you had access to insights and guidance from an industry legend who powered billion dollar campaigns like Billy Mays (OxyClean), George Forman, GoPro, and Samsung?

What could that knowledge do for your business?

That's just ONE advisor.

The BELT 10-week digital workshop gives you nearly a dozen experts guiding your marketing with very specific, detailed, actionable advice and training, so that you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to implement it.

That's why some of the worlds top ad buyers are lining up to learn this strategy (yes, really).

Just ONE "aha" suggestion from just ONE of our advisors could make a HUGE shift in their business.

And in yours.

But you have to act now.

The next 10-week session starts on October 17th, 2019.

And seats are limited to ensure that we maintain quality and can help everyone in the workshop.

here's everything virtual belt students get...
10 Weeks of BELT Method Live Webinar Trainings ($5,000 Value)
Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Curt and the team to help you implement what you are learning ($1,500 Value)
Video Recording Vault - All classes and Q&A calls will be recorded and provided to you for your review anytime ($997 Value)
Private members-only Facebook Group to ask questions and network with other BELT trained folks just like you ($997 Value)
Recorded expert trainings from our past live workshops on copywriting, branding, LinkedIn, Snapchat, analytics, email marketing, and more ($997 Value)
BONUS #1: Over a dozen training units so that you can get a jump start on your BELT training before class begins ($997 Value)
BONUS #2: Three ‘Get Holiday Ready’ Fast track sessions with curated genius minds ($1,497 Value)

Total Value: $11,985

Curt Maly: Masters Of Marketing BELT Winner
The BELT Method Virtual Workshop is taught by Curt Maly and is specifically designed to teach intermediate to advanced Facebook Marketers the proprietary, proven BELT Method that won Curt the Master of Marketing Championship belt. During this 10 week training workshop you'll receive the information you need to implement the BELT Method strategies for your business faster than ever before!
what BELT method alumni are saying about the workshop...
Keith Baxter
"If you know about it, you have a clear advantage over your competition! I like advantages."

"I just got back into service but right before I got onto a ferry my team told me about how one of our clients accounts is KILLING it with the BELT in 26x in the last 14 days.

Still on the road but was excited to share, I took pics from the shitty Facebook ad app... Curt Maly this is one of the accounts we started the day after leaving the workshop.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

PS... is $0.003 video views basically free?!?!?!🤔😮

Jaime Harmon
BELT Method Virtual Workshop class schedule
PLUS: LIVE Q&A Calls every Monday to help you implement what you learn!
what BELT method alumni are saying about the workshop...
Brandon Fargo
"In our industry things are always changing, and so the opportunity to come down here and learn more from him [Curt] and other people, other speakers, I really couldn't pass it up!"
Brandy Shaver
"The value that is delivered is like..I haven't ever seen anything like it!"
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